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Field Type Location Water Depth (m) First Production Contact
Gas 49/27 35 Q2/2021
LE HENAFF Emmanuel
Admin Manager
01603 771 217
Project Summary
The Southern Hub Asset Rationalisation Project (SHARP) is a strategic investment to extend the economic production life of the existing Leman and Indefatigable gas fields in the UK Southern North Sea by combining two oversized hubs (23A and 27A to be converted into NUIs) into one fit for purpose hub on 27B. To achieve this, Inde 23A and Leman 27A will free flow to Leman 27B where a low pressure compression platform will be installed, then production will be sent to Bacton trough the existing pipeline PL24. Production is declining from the Southern Hub and relying on aging, oversized equipment with availability and efficiency reducing. To ensure continued production from these assets a rationalisation programme is required. SHARP will result in a step change in OPEX costs, substantially reducing the OPEX for the Leman and Inde fields. In addition the replacement of old unreliable equipment and simplification of the process will provided a marked improvement in reliability. The reduction in OPEX and improvement in reliability are the primary aims of the project. In addition a modest increase in production can be realised by reducing field operating pressures with the new fit for purpose compression system. SHARP is split into two parts: Brownfield – Modification of the existing Leman 27A and Inde 23A to de-man these hubs and to remove redundant equipment and simplify production facilities. As well as re-routing all production to the new central facility at Leman 27B. This work is predominately Brownfield completed in-situ on the platforms whilst continuing production. Greenfield – Consists of a single new compression jacket to be bridge linked to the Leman 27B platform. The new compression jacket will use a converted drilling jack-up as the structural base. This work is predominately Greenfield with the majority being completed whilst the jack-up is in a dockyard.

Recent global events project update : Project should not be impacted by COVID 19

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