Decommissioning Projects
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Brae Bravo
Field Type Location Water Depth (m) First Production Contact
Oil 16/07a 100-130 1988
Charles Kelman
Senior Contracts Specialist
01224 803827
Project Summary
The Brae Area is located around block 16/07a and has been producing since 1983. The Brae Bravo Decommissioning Project has been sanctioned to include the accelerated removal option. As the platform topsides will be prepared for removal and removed in 2019/20, the requirement for an extended cold suspension phase has been eliminated. All scopes of work associated with the Brae Bravo Decommissioning project have now been finalised and a contract signed with HAF Consortium in September 2018.

The Brae Bravo Topsides and Flare Jacket Decommissioning Programmes were approved by OPRED in August 2018.

Contracts Awarded

Title Contractor Name Contractor Primary Contact Date Awarded Contract Band Contact
Provision of the EPRD/R Services for Brae Bravo Facilities Removal Project Heerema AF Gruppen Consortia Jippe de Boer 26-SEP-2018 Large (>£25m)
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