Discovery Projects
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Field Type Location Water Depth (m) First Production Contact
Oil 22/24a 90 Not Specified
Ramsay Pirie
PSCM Manager
01224 904167
Project Summary
ETAP CPF host modifications in order to receive the Seagull subsea tie-back. Work to include: refurbishment and replacement of various equipment and valves. Wash-water system refurbishment. Umbilical termination. Installation of control system equipment: TUTU, HPU, EPU and MCS. Chemical injection pump replacement. Gas lift tie-in.

Contracts Awarded

Title Contractor Name Contractor Primary Contact Date Awarded Contract Band Contact
FEED Wood Group (UK) Ltd David Fraser 18-SEP-2018 Small (<£10m)
Last Updated: 13-DEC-2018 09:53:55

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